Mobility Experts & Fleet Manager Community

    PROGENIUM has found a community of mobility experts and fleet managers to discuss current and future trends within the mobility industry.

    Brand Image of OEMs

    Car brands and their driver's image. A PROGENIUM study about how people imagine the owner of different car brands.

    Future Commercial Mobility

    Co-creating the commercial mobility of the future!


    Smart Cities, Smart Mobility

    How do smart cities and smart mobility transform the way we live and work?

    Customer Panel: Sourcing of mobility

    How do companies asure their future mobility? PROGENIUM has asked this question to selected fleet manager.

    Corporate Mobility Breakthrough 2020

    In which way will new mobility affect the private and professional lives of individuals in the future?

    Total Cost of Ownership of electric vehicles

    What is the total cost of ownership of an electric vehicle? PROGENIUM is comparing the costs of conventional cars and electric vehicles.

    Customer First, Digital Second!

    In times of ongoing digitalisation, focusing on customer needs is still the key driver for success!

    Autonomous Driving Index

    In which country will autonomously driving vehicles first disrupt the current mobility industry?

    15 years PROGENIUM

    PROGENIUM celebrates 15 years of creating success!


    Osvaldo Celani

    Strategy, Digitalisation & Smart Data Expert joins PROGENIUM's management team.


    PROGENIUM’s new strategic approach – THE RESULTANTS.


    Realigning and refocusing the competence range – Market Intelligence – “anticipate consumer needs”, Business Innovation – “think future, create now”, Differentiation – “be different”, Transformation – “turn strategy into action”.

    500 PROJECTS

    Successful completion of the 500th project under the brand PROGENIUM.


    32 MARKETS

    The PROGENIUM team has to date executed successful projects in 32 markets together with their clients.


    International client and market analysis in ASEAN and the Middle East for automobile manufacturers (including 75 interviews with experts on location in the markets).


    PROGENIUM at ITF – International Trend Forum in Wolfsburg theme “Digital Revolution”.


    Study on the topic “The Dilemma of Brand Diversity in the Automotive Industry” – risks of profitability and confusing the customers.


    UK, London

    PROGENIUM opens office in London.

    The Mobility Revolution

    “Zero emissions, zero accidents, zero ownership” – a draft on the future of the automobile in major cities.

    South America

    Carries out a customer and market analysis in South America for an automobile manufacturer (10 markets, 6 segments, 150 interviews with experts, 15 market workshops, 10 videos), including developing recommendations for action, both strategic and operative.

    Co-creation, Innovation

    Expands topic range on innovative mobility with further successful projects in the segments car rental, car sharing and alternative drive concepts.

    Market Intelligence

    Carries out a customer and market analysis in EUROPE for an automobile manufacturer (5 markets, 2 segments, 250 interviews with experts, 20 videos) including developing recommendations for action, both strategic and operative.

    Business Innovation, Mobility

    Expands topic range on innovative mobility with further successful projects in the segments car rental, car sharing and alternative drive concepts.


    Develops modular seminar and training concepts for clients and PROGENIUM employees (including strategy development, project development, process management, methods, business cases, facilitating, and presenting).


    China, Shanghai

    PROGENIUM establishes subsidiary in China with its office in Shanghai.


    Runs strategic PMO – Project Management Office for the reorientation of an international automobile manufacturer in the premium segment – manages 20 strategic measures in the implementation phase.


    Gets the go-ahead for the project “New Mobility Center Qingdao” – collaboration with BMZ (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development), DEG (German Investment and Development Corporation) and Far Eastern Consulting.


    First project in the USA in the sales unit of an auto manufacturer.


    Study on the topic “On the Home Stretch for CO2 emissions?” –the international automotive firm is on the home stretch to fulfilling the EU-CO2 limit values which take effect in 2015.



    Expands international projects to the Chinese markets in the segments marketing, sales and innovative mobility.

    ITF, Successful Automobile Marketing in China

    PROGENIUM at ITF – International Trend Forum in Wolfsburg theme “Successful Automobile Marketing in China”.


    Develops method construction kit for strategy development “SPIKE”, which focuses on quality traits for developing a market- and customer-oriented strategy: situational, potential-oriented, integrating, concrete, and easy.

    VDA, Market Analysis Light Commercial Vehicles

    Joint market research with the VDA on the special topic “Add-ons and Conversions for Light Commercial Vehicles".

    10 Years “Creating Success”

    10 years PROGENIUM, 10 years “creating success” with over 300 successfully implemented projects in 30 different markets.



    First project in CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – for an international automobile manufacturer.

    Go East

    First project in the Chinese market in the innovative mobility sector.

    Collaboration ITF, How Do Car Buyers Decide?

    PROGENIUM at ITF – International Trend Forum in Wolfsburg theme “How do Chinese car buyers decide?”.


    Further professionalization of method construction kit PROGENIUM in the areas project management, process management and preparing business cases.

    Performance of Automobile Multinationals

    Study on the topic “Performance of the Automobile Multinationals” – analysis of the most important KPIs of the largest auto manufacturers in the world.

    Car Dirver Profile

    Publication on the Topic "Car Driver Profile". Image analysis of the car brands.



    International Retail Strategy for an automobile manufacturer.

    Manufacturer vs. Retail Brand

    PROGENIUM at Automobilkongress with the topic “Manufacturer vs. Retail Brand”.

    Consultants without Borders

    PROGENIUM founds the initiative “Berater ohne Grenzen”.


    Insurance Industry

    Strategic reorientation of a business unit in the insurance sector (1 vision, 1 mission, 1 strategy, 1 business model, 10 fields of activity, 100 measures).

    200 PROJECTS

    Successful completion of 200 projects under the brand PROGENIUM.


    Joint study with Yahoo! on the topic “Touchpoints in Car Buying – Leverage for Raising Sales Performance”.


    First press release on the topic “Doubts about the Efficiency of the Formula 1 Involvement / commitment”.


    Wins at Munich Consultants Soccer Cup for the second time.


    Tender Management

    Supports internationally active companies with the complex tender procedure – analyzing tender documents and coordinating the preparation of the bid documents and presentations.

    Car Dealer of the Future, Automobilcongress

    PROGENIUM at Automobilkongress with the topic “Car Dealer of the Future” – what expectations do car buyers have of a car dealership in the year 2020?


    Digital Business

    First successful projects in the sector digital business.


    Develops method construction kit for structuring problem solving “SIRSTAR” – situation, issues, reasons, solutions, tactics, actions, and review.

    Program Management

    Initiates, manages and implements a program with five different projects in the segments branding, marketing, sales & distribution and organization for an automobile manufacturer.


    Insurance and Financial Industry

    First projects in the financial and insurance sectors.

    Be different

    Develops brand strategy for a leading international auto manufacturer.

    Puls, Market Research

    Collaboration with puls Marktforschung GmbH.


    Opens new office at Hackescher Markt in Berlin.


    Develops brand mission PROGENIUM – enthusiasm as brand core with the brand values go-getting, excellence and trustworthiness.



    Frist international projects in the automotive industry.

    Expanding Sector Competence

    Expands competence portfolio with projects in logistics and retail sectors.


    Collaboration with media agency Brainagency Media GmbH interdisciplinary team of communication strategists, researchers, creatives, digital experts and media professionals.


    First team event in Kitzbühel – 50 consultants on the legendary Streif on Hahnenkamm mountain.



    Cross-group and cross-brand remarketing strategy of an automobile manufacturer (1 strategy, 5 brands, 3 fields of activity, 30 measures).


    Expands competence portfolio with projects in CRM.


    First customized seminar and training workshops for and with the client teams.


    Collaboration with Weissman & Cie.


    Competence Portfolio

    Expands competences in marketing and sales & distribution with successful projects in the auto industry.

    Creating success

    Changes mission to “creating success”.


    PROGENIUM wins Munich Consultants Soccer Cup.



    Founds PROGENIUM GmbH & Co. KG – word mark PROGENIUM created from the Latin terms PROtinus = forwards, directed towards the future, proactive, positive and inGENIUM = inquisitive, successful, conscientious, ingenious.

    We create future

    Launches mission statement “we create future”.

    Munich, Chiemsee

    Establishes offices in Munich and Marquartstein.


    First sales and marketing projects in the automobile industry.